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Post 16

 all right we have someone coming to pick up the couch so we're saying goodbye that's actually way bigger so stiff we it's so tall it's gonna take a while to break in yeah but it's nice like it has break-in capabilities there we go there's our new couch i'm so excited it is from ashley furniture it is a zeb couch with a queen sofa bed in the color quartz if you guys are interested it is very plush compared to the other one like it is a lot more stiff but i think it'll be great to break in because we've never had a brand new couch ever so this is just so great the mattress actually on the hide-a-bed part is really nice too it's memory foam i'm really happy with it the color looks so good in here i love it i now have the new couch all situated i am obsessed with the color i'm so glad we found a couch in this color and it looks so good in the space the pillows match really nicely if you're wondering these ones are from target the pink ones and then this is actually just a pillow cover that i got from indigo um yeah and it did not go with the other couch so this works out perfectly and then on the coffee table here i did switch out our little well it was a tray i had a gold circular tray here that is actually something i got for christmas decor and just kind of never removed i also had that mirrored tray up here for a while but that one's way too big for this space but i did pick up this cutting board at home sensor probably about a month ago and i think it looks really nice it doesn't really do the purpose of keeping everything in but at least it's like a little situation i know it brightens everything up looks really nice pretty happy with it and then over here i don't think i've shown you guys these things i got this pot on sale from indigo i have no idea what i'm going to put in it but i just i loved the speckle detailing and everything it's so cute and then i got this little candle i don't really know what it's called it's like a dome but i decided to put it over this gem alone candle that i got in london that i probably will never light you guys have seen i have two nice fancy candles in my apartment and i probably will never light them because i just like them having having them for decor this one smells really good i guess the color is turning starting to turn though just because um you know i should probably use it but this scent is so nice and i love it so it kind of defeats the purpose it does like have a really nice scent even though it's not lit um but i don't know i just kind of like the look of this over top of it so that's the situation for now the frame here is from urban outfitters i think polaroids are kind of like blue tinted but i should switch those out i think they're really cute though and then that is a vase from target as well yeah and then just random it doesn't look so good under there so just look at that part and another decor news i got these wicker like tall vases on the side of the road basically at my parents when we were visiting i showed on instagram but i absolutely love them there's two of them this is the nicer of the two and so i decided to grab my pampers crafts that um was my first round of pampers grass it doesn't look like normal pampers grass and so i wanted to kind of munch it up and put it in a different location and i think this looks really nice another thing i did share on instagram but if you guys have plants and you have bugs in your plants i got these little sticky rod things from amazon i'll link them down below but they were working really really well sorry if you guys don't like bugs but this area has always had bugs doesn't matter what plant i put he

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