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 at the restrictions are if you have any please let me know in the comments down below because i'm super curious and then my plan for today is actually i'm going to sit on the couch and kind of do some like journaling and gratitude journal and i've also been learning a little bit about manifestation and like having a manifestation journal yeah i think that's correct um i watched some youtube videos last night but if you have any creators that you like watching about this topic please let me know down below because i'm very curious about it and i've just kind of been into writing down my feelings and kind of just like letting it all go out and i feel like today is a really good day for me to like sit and kind of set all of that up and just kind of like chill get myself and my mind organized i also want to do like a little bit of a workout like just move my body a little bit because i've been pretty good with that and it feels and it makes me feel really good so i want to do that and then also i desperately need to wash my hair so that's on the list today too so talking about my journaling and stuff it's kind of funny i feel like i pick up this gratitude journal every time we're in like a lock town essentially because i feel like i'm like stir crazy and need to like think and like be positive and just like keep my mind in check and so i gravitate towards my gratitude gravitate towards my gratitude journal so i've been writing in this daily i really like it it's just the five minutes a day but it's like the thinner one so i'm hoping that i can use up all the pages i really enjoy it i do kind of fall off but i've been pretty consistent with it for the past week or so i do have this notebook that i use as like my ideas notebook this is like all of my youtube stuff and yeah i just need a really large notebook for this kind of stuff so i can do like extremely long lists so i love this i did get it at indigo and then today i felt called to go pick up some new journals bec...

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