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  like take mirror pics and you guys actually like them it just like makes me feel so less stressed about everything also now that i've found that my hallway my stairwell has bomb lighting that's also like a really nice location for me to just like take 10 steps to yeah i just feel like it's more casual which i've really been enjoying it was such a beautiful day but the sun is like starting to set now so the lighting's gonna be a little bit funky but i wanted to show you guys the new earrings i got they are from the perfect hoop which i found them on instagram and i got the big and the medium and i really love them i wore them last night to sleep in and also the shower this morning and they were totally fine and i think they're really cute they're probably the biggest hoops that i've worn in my ears like for a long period of time and that's kind of what i wanted i wanted something that's super casual but also like can stay in my ears and just like look really pretty so i'm very happy alrighty let's talk about the game changing tripod that is 30 on amazon it will be linked down below but you guys this thing has changed my life and just made it so much easier okay first off it has a phone holder great you can put your phone here you can also turn it this way great for shooting instagram stories taking pictures it comes with a bluetooth remote this is amazing you can take individual pictures snap away so great super easy to use this thing also opens up and is wide enough for an ipad so you can have this set up in the bath i'll show you guys a picture of what i did the other night it was so lovely i've been using it to zoom to facetime i even like watched youtube videos beside my bed last night like i had the tripod up my ipad in and while i was like journaling i like had a youtube video playing on my ipad it was so great and then also this thing can come all the way off and then if you are a vlogger youtuber whatever and you use like regular camera that has a regular...

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