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oh my gosh i need to follow them and they were 

actually following me already and long story  

short we got in the dms and they delivered a 

four pack of duchess which these are lightly  

sparkling cosmopolitans and oh my god you guys go 

check out their instagram because the branding is  

so stinking cute and they keep selling out at 

like local um liquor stores here i don't think  

i've ever had an actual cosmopolitan drink so i'm 

very excited to try this but the pink packaging  

just like made my soul really really happy 

and this is what they look like aren't they  

so stinking cute i think the branding is just 

like so on point i'm so excited so yeah i have  

a four pack i actually do have one in the fridge 

because i wanted to make sure when i wanted to try  

one that it was cold and ready to go and they are 

just like the cutest little things and people have  

been saying they're really really good so i'm very 

excited to try these i will definitely do a taste  

test either on instagram or on a video but yeah 

so excited about this so if you guys are local to  

vancouver definitely check out their instagram and 

see where you can get it because it's so cute okay  

that's the first thing i had to show you and 

then finally not merry christmas to me this is  

actually happy birthday because i ordered these 

so long ago you guys have heard my slipper saga  

i feel like in a couple videos basically i 

wanted a new pair of slippers and the ones  

i ordered i didn't love so i returned them and 

these ones were on like backorder for so long  

i really was just hoping i'd get them before 

christmas so here they are and um i'm very excited  

about them i haven't tried them on but i got some 

ugg slippers the ones that you guys have seen  

all over instagram i had no idea what color 

to get but i decided to go with gray because  

i thought they would go with everything and i'm 

so sorry if you guys can hear snakes eating he's  

like the l...

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