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 of like ribbons and things i save everything from pr packages too so like obviously a lot of the boxes that i use are from that which is really great and like this olive in june box is now gonna hold all like my gift tags and stuff trying to be thrifty in that way and also just like reuse what i have because it really doesn't make sense to go out and buy more but i did allow myself to buy one new wrapping paper this year and i saw this one at home since and i just opened it up and it's matte and it's so beautiful it's like a really really dark blue it's like a constellation and i was like i don't know if this like reminds me of like christmas and clothes like it's kind of like silent night and so i was like yeah okay sold and so i'm gonna wrap some of this but i just like i didn't realize it was matte it's so pretty oh my god you know why i didn't allow myself to buy new wrapping paper because i bought some last year that i didn't even realize i had and i'm so glad that i looked to my stash to see like what other ones i had because i found this one oh i got them at indigo okay so i have this brown with gold spots and then i have this beautiful leafy one wow i'm so glad i looked they're so cute okay i'm gonna be using those hi you sitting on a gift yeah so here is what our current situation looks like i think i'm done about 60 of the wrapping i'm going to divide like the stuff that needs to be delivered and dropped off to people over there and then just tuck away everything that's staying here under the tree but yeah most of it is done i still have quite a few to do but i'm gonna take a break excuse the baking mess behind me next video is a bake with me and i'm so excited about it because we're gonna be doing two cookie recipes one i've already made and then one i'm going to be trying out for the first time so yeah it's gonna be a really fun video so stay tuned for that in a couple days i've been having so much fun baking and even though it's like a really long pr...

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