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 uper super crumbly and fine i did like a couple pulses just to get it like more fine if that makes sense but not super fine so that was kind of a hack that i definitely should have done the first time so food processor was a win those are kind of the only two things that i've learned along the way but i needed to make more because i was eating a few and i only have so many things to give to other people so i have my little packing station happening here we got the gingerbread toblerone and sugar cookies and then i have these little like red bags that i just picked up from michaels that come with twist ties super simple um and then i just kind of pack them all in there put them in this box and they'll be delivered to friends and family on sunday along with our holiday card i also picked up these cute tins from dollarama i think i showed you guys i'm not too sure if i i can't remember if i showed you or not they had some cute ones and so these are going to like the people with more in their family because it'll just be safer to transport more cookies in a tin cody's home now and he's going to do a taste test of the toblerone shortbread and he spoke to me in the car and he said shortbread isn't his favorite but chocolate is so anything with chocolate he's going to like right it's really good we'll be good with hot chocolate oh that's cute yeah i'm walking around feeling free thinking that i can't see it in your eyes so it's true i'm so glad you feel it too nothing too perfectly hard we're falling in love it's through this part of the year for us all of the cookies are packaged up now they look so good i'm so glad that i bought the tins especially the ones with the little plastic windows i think it's so cute and i was definitely thinking about putting the card on top but i am going to put them on the bottom so they can see the cookies instead yay i'm so happy you

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