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 ey are from my friend trina she came up with the recipe and she has a whole video on it so i'll link that down below definitely go check it out so excited because i have legit seen her make these cookies like for years now and i just haven't gotten around to it and this year i'm finally doing it so i'm very excited we have the toblerone right here and we're gonna get started i haven't filmed a video like this in so long it feels so weird i'm like stressed okay so the first thing we're gonna do is preheat the oven to 350. this recipe actually doesn't have that many ingredients all you're going to need is like flour berry sugar which is like the really fine sugar we have corn starch room temperature butter that's always something got to make sure as your butter is at room temp nice and soft we have toplarone and i think that's pretty much it so this is the size of cholera one i have i feel like this one recipe will only take one bar but i bought two just in case uh we're gonna eyeball that because she buys hers from costco and i didn't really feel like going to costco so i'm hoping that this is big enough this might even be the same size fun fact i also just i love toperone it's so good it's probably one of my favorite chocolates to have around christmas so i have the toblerone on a big cutting board and i'm just going to start cutting it i also left them out normally i put chocolate in the fridge i don't know if that's like a common thing but just gonna try and chop this up i feel like this is going to take probably the most time out of anything with this recipe i'm also really horrible at chopping things so this might be just really big chunks of toblerone in this cookie if you guys don't follow trina already go check her out her baby girl andy is the cutest thing you'll ever see she is absolutely adorable so if you need like something to boost your spirits go check out this baby i love trina's videos and i just i miss seeing all my youtube friends 10 minutes lat...

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