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Post 15

 ee pancakes and then like the hash browns obviously bacon eggs those are all good free too so i'll give you guys a review on the pancakes because i haven't had them yet and what else did you order uh chicken pita and then your cupcake pancakes so we'll see what those taste like they have sprinkles which sounds good to me it's also been a really long time since we sat in a restaurant it's good yeah does it taste like a cupcake it does nice this is a really random thing that we get from ikea but their ziploc bags are really good and we need them for like the freezer and stuff okay i know these are for napkins but they're kind of cute i feel like you could use them to store makeup and drawers or something i don't know i like it i used to have this vase and then i think it was snicker noodle that knocked it over and completely smashed it i don't know if i want to repurchase obviously i love it but i don't super need it you know i am picking up one of these little milk they look like little milk containers they're cute pretty sad ikea whole but you know that's what we came for ziploc bags and lint rollers last time i spoke to you guys i think it was monday and it's thursday now and i am doing closet switchover organizing kind of cleaning tidying up kind of day and um that's gonna be a separate video but i kind of got the urge to make those gluten-free uh rice krispie square what am i trying to say i'm so tired the rice krispy squares because i have these dandy's pumpkin flavored marshmallows and they're vegan they're vegan marshmallows so i'm not really sure how this is going to go because i've never tried to melt vegan marshmallows also never tried vegan marshmallows i'm not gonna make them completely dairy free because i'm gonna use regular butter but since this is such a small bag i'm gonna like look up a recipe obviously to see how the heck to do this because i know how to make regular rice crispy squares but i feel like with portioning i want to make sure i get i...

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