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  pieces just to get kind of a variety of curls now before i take the top half down to curl i'm going to spray the smoothing plush shea sleek humidity blocking hairspray from 0luxurious products and that's absolutely not true and ogx makes it really really accessible to have amazing hair at a really affordable price and some of their products are chef's kiss and i feel like if you haven't tried anything from ogx definitely try out their stylers because they make such a difference you guys saw what my hair looked like before and what it looks like now and that's me curling my hair which is so simple and is what i do basically all the time but adding these products really just elevates the style and just makes it look so much better if you haven't checked out ojx styling products after listening to me for two years talking about them go freaking try them because they're so good and these are my like four staples if you need four to be recommended these are my four but i just i love them all and you can truly find something for every single type of hair which i love and appreciate from this brand so so much because everyone has different hair types and everyone has different hair textures and different hair needs and they really kind of cater to the masses which i very much appreciate and i think is really cool so that's my little love note to ogx i love them so much and these tylers are my favorite i'm just about to hop on to a zoom event slash meeting kind of thing and i'm shoving my face with some overnight oats first because i haven't eaten yet today this is the blueberry mixture i think i showed it in my productive work from home tips video kind of what was in it so if you want to go check it out it's delicious and i highly recommend and it's a great little breakfast snack to keep in your fridge when you're going to be busy so i'm going to hop on that call and i'll talk to you guys after i feel like this little christmas ribbon is going to be like an elf on the ...

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