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  bring ogx products with me before or like when i go shoot just so i can touch up my hair especially dry shampoo i feel like it's one of those things that i always want to have like extra with me because it adds volume soaks up the oil and on days like this if i had to like go outside come back in the car and then go shoot again like you never know what state your hair is going to be in so it's very exciting what we're shooting for today lipstick check um we're shooting some stuff for holiday giveaways so we're gonna go do that we're a little bit late so we need to go so talk to you guys after all right we're back in the car from the shoot everything went well i mean the weather is like kind of awful so the lighting's not going to be the best but i'm so glad cody thought to bring an extra light and i think that helped so much it's pouring right now but we stopped at grounds for coffee and we sneakily cheekily got some cinnamon buns they are the absolute best they're so gooey and delicious and then he got us cappuccinos lattes cappuccinos so that's our little breakfast stop before cody goes to work and i go home so it's been a few hours i was doing some emails some editing that kind of stuff but i wanted to sit down because i got a really exciting package in the mail first off i love this background the tree looks so cute and me and my little like sweater dress thing is so festive which is actually so funny because i was wearing this exact same outfit in an ogx video last year around this time if you saw that i did like hair styling for the holidays so that's pretty funny it's a great sweater dress i love it also because it has like a little tie so it like cinches in very cute so while i was doing emails i got a knock at the door and then i got a very exciting red package here it's from case defy so i figured i could open it up on camera i love case defy cases this one is from caystify it's just like white cheetah i also have the black version of this because i li...

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