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  can assemble that after lastly from old navy okay glad because snake's already got into the boxes this is so weird that it just comes as is there's like no wrap around it okay old i ordered two other things but i guess they're coming separately so everyone and their mom has been talking about this coat everyone has been ordering like the camel color but it was out and that's okay because i don't really have a nice like classy black jacket and so i wanted to get one and this was like regularly eighty dollars and it was on for 40. i'm not too sure on the size this is a small everyone in the comments said to size down but i definitely could have gone for a medium so i can layer underneath this is like my perfect fit but if i wanted to wear like sweaters and chunky knits underneath i think i probably would have gone with a medium it's also super long which is kind of nice and definitely the style so i'm really happy with this 40 bucks not bad can i just say how much happier i am to have all of this mostly organized i'm so excited to build the stand we'll do that after but look at how like pristine these drawers are i knew exactly where my hair clips and my scrunchies were this morning it was fabulous and i even like used things last night and everything was just so easy love that for me oh my goodness look at that little baby screwdriver easily impressed we got the legs we got a little screws and it even comes with little like rubber thing so you can put it on the bottom so it doesn't scratch not really sure why you need the screwdriver cute but i don't think you need it i'm obsessed with it already this was such a good idea now i'm actually looking up at the screen a lot better too so it's better for my posture but i'm able to tuck things under and keep everything tidy so it's not just like all spread out it's kind of a little bit more contained and i do like work on an angle so it's kind of tilted right now but my keyboard can just like tuck in too oh i love it it...

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