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 ve that one i also have this dress from evernew which is like black but i like the bottom of it how it has like lace like that i think that's probably not the one i'm going to do and then i also have this dress from marley this is like my fancy dress though this is like a proper prom dress it has long sleeves and it has like a slit um i'll insert a picture of it here because i posted it on instagram a couple years ago i worked with them and it's a really pretty dress but i don't know if it's like the vibe it might be a little too fancy i'll have to see what cody's wearing he did have to buy a bow tie so he can wear that and then we're also gonna have to figure out how we're gonna make the cats wear a bow tie most of this is going to be done in photoshop this year because we usually take our pictures like separate anyway like all stand with snakes and then take the picture and then cody will stand with noodle and then he'll just like photoshop them together since this year we have a little bit more of a specific theme i think most of it is going to be done in photoshop and i have a couple little things i want to include but i think we're going to actually shoot it on a green screen so hopefully fingers crossed that goes well we'll have to light it really good and yeah we're just hoping it's kind of a little bit funny and different and i want to get this done because i actually want to send it to like vistaprint to get printed for holiday cards this year versus just like getting a picture printed and putting it in the card that just seems like way too much work this year so i just wanted like get it printed have the back say happy holidays and move along our merry way so that's the plan for tonight kind of fun kind of different kind of exciting i mean we're not doing much else so this is as good as it gets all right here is the setup so far we have the green screen i have my shoes i just put some sparkling water into my champagne glass that i had for my birthday an...

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