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Post 10

 od i am so excited to eat this and here we have the finished dinner spaghetti squash with meatballs and vodka sauce look at that steam yum that dinner was so good and so filling i have two sleepy cats beside me but before i end this video i wanted to ask you guys a question for those of you that have watched all of like the mary mcmiss videos and have been enjoying the vlogs the past like i guess month or so that i've been posting like this let me know if you guys are enjoying the pace of the vlogs because i feel like i'm leaving them super long and i'm not really chopping them up and also just kind of leaving longer parts in so let me know if that's been okay for you guys or if you feel like you want it to be like just a little bit faster pace because i'm very curious if you like them as is let me know and yeah i love you guys so much and i'll see you in a new video in a couple days bye you

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